Tuesday, 29 December 2015

We'll be OK!

We were booked to come down onto the Montgomery Canal today. A call about 1000 from the lock keeper to check we were on schedule for 1200.  When he heard we'd moored at the top of the Flught last night he offered to take us down early. Yeah!

So, by lunchtime we were on a middle of nowhere mooring. We can see one farm and a house. Welsh hills in the distance. We are hoping no fireworks over New Year!

Knowing there are only 3 or 4 other boats down here we were surprised to see two boats coming along heading towards the flight about 1545. I think they were surprised to see us. I  also think we were on their chosen mooring! Probably their last night down here.  Hey ho!

 Lovely house!

Plans are to take things easy and let the bad weather through. We have a DVD pike and our books. Don't worry about us!