Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Peace and quiet on the Llangollen Canal......winter boating

This time last year we were happily on the Fens, planning Christmas on the River Wissey. Not convinced we would ever leave. Then wanderlust overcame us as we read blogs of boats out for the winter. Very envious of Louise @Canal_network tweeting from the Llangollen. Somehow the decision was made and on Monday afternoon we arrived! 

Hurleston Flight to ourselves ....perhaps a once in a lifetime thing? 

We had wintered at Swanley Marina in 2011. Stopped to check out the shop in Burland...not that we needed anything. Just as well as it is closed and for sale. 

Had two nights as quiet as could be as we bimbled towards Wrenbury. Our boating antena were telling us the lift bridge would be open early. CRT Contact Us said not. My personal BS antena said they had only read the website. I checked with Northwich office. Surprise! It had opened and they were about to update webpage. Not only that...but this! Arrival timed to perfection.

Wrenbury Post Office in small but bustling convenience store. As remembered ... with delicious cakes!  Here for two nights to facilitate shopping delivery on Friday morning...... between 0900-1000....what were we thinking!

Our overnight stop yesterday put QISMA in festive mood.