Friday, 18 December 2015

From a distance

Today started well, very well. We had grocery delivery booked between 0900-1000. We felt sure we wouldn't be in anyone's way on the lift bridge mooring. Got into position at 0846. Van arrived 0846. Under bridge and on our way with groceries packed 0855. 

Lovely countryside as we went along. We had intended to moor on way to Grindley Brook....we have some spots marked from our 2010 visit. But, we were lucky and got LJ into a dog groomer for a ore Christmas shampoo and smarten up. He's being picked up and whisked away from Grindley tomorrow. 

Not that you can miss a boat passing you but we had been on the look out for NB WAIOURU. Almost at Grindley when they hove into view. It was a case of cameras out!  Last seen on the K&A as we escaped after our first winter in Newbury. So Spring 2013. We have been in touch since then and follow the blog! Shame it was an in transit catch up with Tom and Jan. And Tom, we would chance our draft to Llamgollen but, by the time we get there, there is work on a road bridge with Local Authority and the Section to Llangollen will be closed. 

 Looking good! I particularly like Tom's jacket.


So, into Grindley Brook and a smooth run up the flight and staircase and we are settled for the weekend.

Thus  man towing his cruiser down the Llangollen. Ropes looped over his torso as if he was a horse. Then he jumped on and paddled it past the 3 moored boats. No engine. Then back to dragging. 

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