Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Worth getting up for!

A few more pics like this would be nice to share with you!! 

I say up early, but by the time LJ was walked and boat maintenance complete....no brass rubbing in this..... It was 0930 when we set off on the short cruise across the bay. Back to Drumaan. Even since we were last here there has been a huge difference. Only a few boats here...looking as if moored up for the week. There isn't a lot of property either but a fair number look as if they have been closed up for the winter.  We had our choice of moorings against the wall. No facilities other than water but for peace and quiet this is on the list of favourite moorings. 

Got to make the most of our last week on Loch Derg. We will start to move slowly North. It won't all be retracing of steps. We saved somethings for the return trip ...  in fact, we've saved some things for next year but ... LJ has a date with a dog groomer in Ballinasloe. 

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