Sunday, 4 June 2017

Carnival time in Carrick on Shannon

Get into Carrick before the weekend we said. Before it gets full. Just as well we did. We got the last mooring on Thursday. We had no idea that 10 days of carnival was starting on Friday. What good timing. Pats on backs all round.

The event started, wisely, with a bartenders obstacle race. The victor, from Dunnes Bar,  claiming the title for the third year running. We think we met the owner of Dunnes at Drumshambo last year.

Then a bit of side action from the Garda who arrived to find a suitable place to shelter for someone who might have started his party a bit too early.

The parade was excellent. Colourful and well attended. LJ was much admired. But, the highlight of the evening had to be the stunt plane which performed over the river. For anyone in the area there are two more performances. Tonight (Sunday) and ...I Friday. Easy to check on the website.


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