Monday, 26 June 2017

Do NOT repel boarder's

We set off from Meelick where we had a rest day! Lots of activity on the water as there was a sailing race going from Lough Ree to Lough Derg. Then on our own last night. Stopped at Bannagher for fuel  and delighted to find Colin, our mooring owner, visiting the office. So a bit of a catch up.

We had a good run up to Clonmacnoise arriving just as the drizzle started. We had just tied up when there was a flurry of activity on the jetty and we were accosted. Was there any possibility we would take a long distance swimmer the 600m up river to where he came out of the water on his last swim. Only one answer. Jump onboard!

The 600m was actually 3k but who cared. We were delighted to help. And, the QISMA size mooring was still empty when we got back. Next step was to keep an eye out for him coming past so we could send on some photographs.

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