Thursday, 4 July 2013

As we were going to St Ives we met .......

Well boats! And, hard as this is to believe, we had to queue for a lock for the first time since we left Newbury last February!

Ahead of us were two day boats full of 4th July revellers on their way to St Ives to meet friends and have a BBQ.

We've been saying how like France this stretch of the river must be, lacking only a game of boules - et voila!

We had a fantastic two nights at Bamford Mill and I had the second best drink of my life's, Hendricks Gin, cucumber, elderflower cordial, ice and soda. The new boat cocktail. 

And a fantastic lunch yesterday. It will be getting an entry on LJ's favourite pubs page any minute now!

The view from QISMA wasn't bad either.  Only intermittent Internet so no blog yesterday.