Saturday, 13 July 2013

Best meal of the summer?

Sadly, I am not going to provide the restaurant tip of the year. The best meal was our barbecued Sea Trout which we had yesterday. It's part of my birthday bonanza - well not really a bonanza but I use that excuse to justify the expense. Still, it is only once a year - fish and birthday. It a,ways reminds me of the first time I ever ate Sea Trout. It was in a pub restaurant in Cointy Londonderry. I asked the waitress what was the difference between Rainbow and Sea trout. She replied 'the difference is that we've got Sea Trout' and I've loved it ever since.

I haven't even got a photo but I DO have a photo of the QISMA Summer Cocktail

Recipe stolen from The Mill at Brampton - WOW!

We left Ely feeling sad yesterday and turned onto the River Lark - no pins on this especially as late yesterday evening my back went and by the time I was sent to bed I was crying with pain. No need to get the hankies out. The boat medic doused me up with painkillers and this morning I'm well enough for us to head off to Jude's Ferry and the end of this particular line.

We've just set off from Prickwillow. I always think Prickwillow, Prickwillow, Prickwillow but a Google search doesn't explain why. I keep thinking it's in a poem - or something similar is and I'm just confused. If any of you are able to offer an explanation of this I'd be very grateful!

Leaving Ely