Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Waiting for the river

Lovely cruise down to Denver Sluice and we got the last mooring space only five minutes before there was a passage through the lock. Good luck for us. Went to Jeynes Pub as too hot to cook LJ only allowed in the garden which was fine today but we won't be troubling them again and not because we're leaving! The setting is fantastic and it was really busy but our food was indifferent to poor. Not expensive but not good value. Shame as we have had some excellent meals whilst we've been here. We're now waiting for the tide to turn to make the short passage down to Salter's Lode.

Lj had some great swimming. It really seems to help his stiff leg and totally wipes him out for the night. He just loves it bit it's a bit annoying when he starts crying to be taken in the heat of the afternoon - especially when we know the bank's too sheer for him to get in. Still not the case here.

Looking for a lost relative? Last night's mooring.