Monday, 1 July 2013

Meanwhile, back in the real world

What a lovely weekend we had but time to move on and we've arrived in St Neots. We hear it was really busy on the moorings here so we're glad we didn't come in over the weekend.

We've had some discussion over how to pronounce the name. Fortunately, Graham Norton had the same problem with a request on Saturday so, thanks to Bobbi, the weekend travel guru on Radio 2, we arrived wiser and not likely to offend the natives.  For those,  the least bit interested, it's Ne-ots with every letter pronounced.

A small but good shopping centre. Gifts and cards for upcoming birthdays duly acquired and Waitrose took a fair bit of dosh. I've treated Alistair to some Heston Blumental ribs, reduced obviously, for tomorrow when I'll be on the 2 side of the 5:2 coin. I find it so much easier to manage when I feed him something I have no interest in eating! We'll see how they compare with his usual, more average, fayre.

Only one photo for tonight. I don't want to detract from the message that St Neots is trying to get across. Which I totally support.