Thursday, 18 September 2014

Liking Kings Lynn

Just sat down to write the blog and we hit a sandbank  ..  a wtf moment ... even though I knew the answer! Hmm. Some 3 hours later and many sandbanks behind us, we learnt that the tide was 'suppressed ' ie running late ... an event that can't be predicted and if that wasn't enough ... the EA had 'lost' a metre of water. Hey HEYS ....we made it.

One of many hazards least we didn't have trouble getting under the bridges ... and,the,sun was shining!

Now where was I? Just about to say what a fab visit we had to Kings Lynn. Or Lynn,as we now know to call it.

The town centre is yards from the mooring. Good walks for LJ who was much admired - so it gets his vote.  Everyone was very friendly and the old part of the town is very appealing. I'm not turning my nose up at the new town centre but one shopping precinct is much like another

We had high hopes of the Tuesday Market.This square is called the Tuesday Market Place. Sadly this pic was taken on a Tuesday.

The moorings are on a rising pontoon. It cost £180K and completed last year and makes it possible for us to visit.

Love th

I love mooring on a rising pontoon. at high tide you could see QISMA from quite far back on the jetty. At low tide you had to peer over the edge.

And we on the

 I waited all week to catch a shot of the very mid channel .. it IS there!

This sculpture .. I think that would be the right description, was my favourite thing ... And right opposite the entranc

So..... An hour and 30 minutes behind schedule,we went past Salters Lode Lock 

A beautiful sight any day ... But especially welcome today

And, if this wasn't enough Picassa have changed the way I load pictures mid Blog!!

Enough already, I think the pub!