Monday, 8 September 2014

The curse of the grass cutter

No pic ... Because we didn't get up but woken at 0710 by grass cutting at Wicken Fen on Saturday and 0800 today on EA moorings short of Ely. More of the day to enjoy!! 😉

Two lovely nights at Wicken Fen but it was busy. Four narrow boats there on Sunday lunchtime. Our 48 hrs up We left after the Grand Prix and made our way towards Ely. Our first choice of mooring was full but who cared?   A fabulous sunny afternoon to be boating.

We learnt something on the way .. You can get two boats in the lock at Upware .. Provided neither of you have yacht fenders on.

 On the way from Wicken

 To a mooring 2 miles from Ely