Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Time spent on recce is seldom wasted

Only time spent on recce was zero so we arrived at Little Ouse Moorings today to get fuel to find they had moved onto a new opening regime and are closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We had intended to get fuel at 'our' marina (Fish and Duck), but went past too late on Sunday. Then we were going to get fuel in Ely yesterday, but no room to get on at the boatyard. The Little Ouse is our last chance before we go down to Kings Lynn next week so we came up to some GOBA moorings which we know get some bovine attention as the day goes on. Last year they were very interested in the remains of our barbecue.

LJ acted as our early warning system. So we were able to get the washing in before they got closer ... which was just as well ...

After our exploits at Tyruched I'm hoping this isn't a theme that is going to keep running.

Our resident cowhand got fed up first and moved them on. 

Meanwhile a text sent to Little Ouse asking if they are, in fact, open tomorrow.,