Tuesday, 16 September 2014

We are in port!

I love the view of Denver Sluice.

We were given a time slot of 1230 to go through Denver a Lock because, to quote the Lockie, the 'normal' people are going through from 1140!

Well, they thought they were, but the tide disagreed with that. We were moored on the far bank but, at 1210' when there was still no movement, Alistair phoned across and we told we could go through. We didn't know the problem was they were just waiting for the water levels to settle.

Our movement started action on two of the three boats moored at the lock waiting to go through Salters Lode and onto the Middle Levels. Queue jumpers Ahoy!  The third boat, being from March, was more relaxed! Oh dear...they got a telling from the Lockie  'get those ropes back on you aren't going anywhere!' and we got 'looks'!

Past the entrance to Salters Lode and a wave from their Lockie. Onto waters new.

Unlike the Thames, no desire able, or otherwise, properties to ogle at on this cruise. A lot of this..

A bit of this ..

 And a factory to rival the sugar beet job

And a bit over two hours later Kings Lynn where I could watch our arrival on the jetty live webcam! 


 Tide in

Tide out

These moorings were only opened last year. At £50 a night ... Ouches (as LJ might tweet) but budgeted for!

 Our view this morning!

And the view of us