Friday, 3 April 2015

Calm after the Storm

Good to wake up to ... Boating weather! Rain had gone through in the night we jolly well went.

Not too far to the first lock, just past the lovely Brampton Mill. A dog friendly pub of the smart and trendyish category with very friendly staff and good food. Plus it is home to the gin, tonic and elderflower cocktail!  We have been off the booze since last summer.....that is going to be tough when we visit!

Through the lock and onto a particularly lovely section of the river. With QISMA still the only boat on the move. 

Buckden Marina and chalets just before Offord Lock....with the Yorkshire flag on display! 

These chalets she'll from upwards of £130K. Some seriously swish properties overlooking the Marina. 

Through the lock and  we meet the railway. The main Kings Cross to all points North runs parallel to the river. We don't mind. The advantages of mooring along here outweigh the sound of a train and it's hooter.

And here we are on our 'secret' mooring!