Saturday, 11 April 2015

Our worst day since the launch of QISMA?

We started being poised for the new arrival this week. Alistair's daughter Zoe didn't keep us waiting long. Eadie Ava arrived on Thursday lunchtime. I was despatched to get the car ready for our trip to West Sussex to admire her and to see the rest of the family. 

The car has been parked at a farm in Denver. The farmer is such a nice chap and lets a few boaters do that. Sadly, the catalytic converter has been stolen. Not his fault. Sawn off by .......... for the £160 scrap value. Replacement and sorting out the damage they caused is likely to cost £1K. Words don't actually fail me but best not written down. I am sure everyone will be able to guess. 

Car will be going back to it's Welsh home on our return!