Friday, 17 April 2015

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Faith in human nature somewhat restored ...the garage repairing the car only charged us for parts! Can you believe it!!

So, Monday lunchtime we were on the road heading for West Sussex to meet Eadie, Alistair's 5 day old granddaughter and see the rest of the family. My friend Marion was putting us up so lots of catching up boxes ticked we will next see them all on the Il de Re in June.

 Climping Beach ....looking very like Bois Plage en Re

LJ and Max enjoying their outing

Moved on to Dorset on Thursday to see Alistair's parents. Friday it's back to QISMA
via Bicester...Al's son, daughter in law and four month old grandson. of us will be of us will be taking the car to it's Welsh home.

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