Sunday, 30 August 2015

I'll just take a pic before I throw it back in ..........

Today's blog was going to be about our arrival on the Caldon. Well it still is ...though we had unwanted company! 

Our trip up the staircase locks went smoothly...this only because we had made something of a hash of helping the single gander in front of us!! 

Then, at Ivy Road swing bridge ...disaster struck. A tire not just round the prop. Not just absolute perfect fit and jammed solid. The story of it's removal is three hours long. It involves a hacksaw, boat stopping to see if bolt cutters would help...sadly he was there too early...they would have been great help later. What else? A call out to RCR..nice young man but as they are not allowed to cut anything, believing so he said, that there is nothing that can't be jemmied off...a chorus here of OH YES THERE IS would seem appropriate. least the rain held off and we were next to the road. 

A lovely boater passing in his car saw the RCR van and stopped for a chat. A local recommended we stay anyway as the first ever Staffordshire floodlit cricket was on the pitch across the canal that night.

Alistair in position

RCR taking a turn

They knew I was joking about throwing it back!

The offending item now travelling as passenger in the well deck

And finally, exactly where we wanted to be

Today Alistair is a bit battered. Cuts on his hands and arms. Chest bruised but refusing to class it as a bad day's boating! 

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