Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Could be a tradition??

On our first cruise!! Yeah!!! A 50 minute hop from the Marina to Derryvore on Upper Loch Erne. Well...we haven't come,here,to rush about!!

With St Patrick's Day tomorrow we aren't sure if we should expect a sudden influx of boats or water skiers or canoes. 

Derryvore has to be the ideal first short hop. We plan on being out until Tuesday. New patient appointments at our local, friendly, helpful Doctors Surgery on Wednesday and Thursday. The good Dr who was so kind to me last week didn't want to use up too much surgery time with two non medical appointments on one day!! 

First mooring out!!

We hav internet but the signal isn't strong...the reason for the new look photo section!! Buy 2 get 10 to speak!!