Friday, 11 March 2016

On new waters!

We are off...on our last big adventure.

When we had QISMA built, we really thought we would take her to France. We have followed blogs and know that boaters have loved it but we just don't think it is for us. So.... We have cashed in our CRT licence and headed West.

Alistair and QISMA were transported with absolute professionalism and ease by Jonathan Kennedy of Dublin. Swanley Bridge told Alistair he was the best haulage driver ever to pick up a boat there. And this after he had made them turn QISMA round so she could go on stern first.

LJ and I followed a day later via Rosslare. Which gave us a morning beach zoomie!

We had thought about this move before. Even did some investication but didn't take it further. Then we watched the dreaded Tim and Pru on catch up, because we knew they were on the Shannon-Erne waterway and....maybe three days later we were just about sorted.

Thanks to NB PUZZLER for their amazing Irish blog and the email encouragement. Please Pass on our best wishes to your neighbours Graham and Jill!

We have a mooring on the North bank of the Woodford Northern Ireland. The border runs a across the river here and the opposite bank is in Ireland.

And so soon as I get rid of this dreadful cough and cold...we will be out and about. 

Sorry to everyone who has asked what our plans were this year. I know I've been evasive. Now you know why! 

We hope to be taking pics like this soon!

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