Monday, 14 March 2016

Not the ideal start

Not because of anything wrong with boat, River, location, locks but because I have been stricken with odd combination of symptoms. Odd that is until I learnt that at least 58 people who had visited The local Garden Centre in Wales (at the delightfully named Three Cocks) (who would ever buy a house there I ask myself) have been struck down with the Winter Vomiting Bug. Please make that 59! Add it on to vile head cold, which has made me deaf and chest infection and cough. All in all it is not conducive to boating, or anything else. 

I can't drink coffee when I am the least bit off colour. Do you all know what happens when you abandon caffeine? You get three day headache.

But, honestly, I don't feel too sorry for myself!! 

Still..have done a bit of pottering. Unfortunately, the best views were on a detour after dropping,off laundry.. And no phones with us to take pics. We will soon be back. Until then some shots around Killynick.