Monday, 28 March 2016

Le catch up!

Lack of blogging down to poor signal and not laziness on part of blogger!! Honestly....would I lie to you? 

A few days on our mooring whilst we stocked up and did some admin. Then off again on Thursday. Heading all point North. Very slowly!

With typical holiday weather forecast we settled at Tirraroe on Saturday. This involved an 0650 start while we had no wind to contend with! I did the cruise from the comfort of my bed! Luxury!! Moored by 0800 and sat the weather out.

Comment from a Tweet buddy made me laugh. She asked if we were the only boat in Ireland!  I can report that we are currently sharing a jetty with a very swish cruiser! 

Before we left this morning we had a visitor. A boater who had driven down from a marina further up the Loch to say hello to us. News of an English boat arriving seems to be on the boating grapevine. How nice was that!! Now have lemon drizzle cake if anyone else is thinking of dropping by! 

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