Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dark clouds overhead

We arrived at Waterbeach just ahead of these clouds but the weekend was dry. The small Marina next door has a pet sheep. The largest sheep I have ever seen ... And I lived in the Falklands for nine months!

Crossed the lock and found more lovely walks. This is the way to Lode which, at 5 miles for the round trip is a bit too far for LJ now he can suffer with a bit of arthritis.

With gale warnings and our hours up we moved into Ely. Next week it will be this dark at 1700 and it will feel like winter. 

 We had strong, but not gale force winds gusting through the day and some heavy showers but all in all ...

From the blogs I follow seems not as bad as forecast. In 1990 I very briefly worked in the section at MoD that funded Met Office equipment ..I never understood how they could spend so much with such poor results ......

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