Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mended and on the move ....😀😀😀😀😀

We are boating! After a couple of stressful days with the engine and electrical problems. The engine was simply a hose reaching the end if it's life but the initial repair was a half done job .... Just what you don't need. Especially when it seems likely RCR probably only have one engineer for this area. Not inspired with confidence.

Thanks for the messages from a host of friends.

Now we are happily moored in Waterbeach. We like it here. I seem to use that phrase a lot! Lovely cruise from Cambridge. A number of rowing crews out but, despite what we have heard, we have never had any trouble with rowers here. We slow down. Are happy to follow them. They say thanks. We say enjoy. Doesn't quite work like that on the Thames ...or on the Wissey where one chap takes his 'learner' rowers and it really isn't wide enough.