Friday, 24 October 2014

New waters ...on the Little Ouse

In our two boating seasons here, one short, one long, we hadn't cruised on the Little Ouse, well not beyond getting fuel at Little Ouse moorings...about half a mile in. This week, it was time.

All the Great Ouse tributaries are very different. We kept waiting for the Little Ouse to get narrow but mostly it is fairly wide. The two GOBA moorings too muddy and marshy for us so we kept on. Our mistake, not to be repeated, was to head straight there from Ely. It would have been better to overnight on the way.

We plodded on, LJ with his lovely long legs crossed ... eventually finding a 'wild' mooring about an hour from the end of navigation.  A lightly used railway line very close and.. We later discovered .. We were nicely poised to get the full thrust of aircraft departing Lakenheath. That WAS loud but enthralling as we watched a few planes hit the night sky and being pretty sure where they were headed.

Off fairly early. ...for us...yesterday. The farmer was around but didn't come to chase us off, which was a relief. It would make a lovely GOBA mooring!

We had planned to moor at what, for us at 58 FT is the end of navigation at Brandon. We lost Tuesday to the wind and rain and with rain forecast for today we decided to start heading back. Of course, the result of that was that the day ended on our mooring at Denver.

Little Ouse

Unexpected danger

Grateful for this Wild mooring

 Getting some attention

The end for us ... The lock is too small

EA Moorings

Restoration challenge! 

 Home mooring

 Feeling good