Monday, 13 October 2014

Time for ....a RANT On speeding

This is a photograph of a prize *******

On the Fen Rivers the speed limit is 7 knots .. Or 8 miles an hour. Thus is a safe speed and doesn't create the huge wash that will cause serious erosion to the banks. Simples. Don't go faster than that.

Well...we all know it IS human nature to push the boundaries. We law abiding canal types regularly rant about boats going too fast and not slowing down as they pass moored boats. One of the top sins.

This, not a boy, racer, came past us on the Cam on Saturday at a speed we think was in excess of 20 mph. 20 mph! He screamed past us and increased his speed, raced round the next two bends and pulled up just before a small Marina. Then he turned.

By this point we had the cameras out. Back he came. As he reached the second bend he realised what we were doing and slowed. Came up to us. Pulled up and explained that he 'had' to test his engines. We will see what the EA make of it.

I want to scream and swear. What if someone, or LJ!,had been swimming, or a canoe had been hugging the bank when the Tsunami hit. You Sir are a disgrace.

PS full marks to EA...  Come back already and said he has been spoken to by the River Inspector.