Wednesday, 8 October 2014

I think the word is ...smoking!

Fortunately, not our engine!

Two nights off QISMA for me and a bit off nostalgia. Down by train to my friend Marion's and an outing to see The Marvelous Mr Curtis Stigers in Guildford.

I've recently been in contact with some WRAC friends from way back.... I mean way back. So the journey down through Guildford made me a rad nostalgic. Marion used to live there so Memory Lane for both of us. The announcer at Woking was famous in my WRAC intake for his poetry....

The train now standing at Platfirm 2
Is for Surbiton and Waterloo
Surbiton and Waterloo
The train now standing at Platform 2

How could you forget that?

Back to Curtis.

Always a great mix of people at a Stigers 'gig'. We were chatting to two women before the show and I was described by one as 'mad but fascinating'...that works for me!

I had been lucky and last week won two extra tickets so caught up with my soon to be emigrating amazingly good friend Joan. There was one brief moment of panic... Joan was there with her chap, Andy. I went to collect their tickets and was given ... One ticket! Fortunately a very nice man from Air Agency was at the desk and got it sorted in a nano second. heart sank though. I have previous in the ticket department! Especially good to see Joan because as soon as she sells her house she is bound for New Zealand and LJ might say .... Ain't not comings back.

Also caught up with fellow Stigers devotee Justine's Mum and met Justine's  Dad. Great night and although this might fall into the ...she would say that category.... Mr S was on fire!