Saturday, 7 March 2015

£46 well spent

Our licence to visit Cambridge for up to 90 days April- March expires at the end of the month.  Lots has been written about cruising and mooring in Cambridge. We've visited four, or is it five, times since we bought the licence so as far as we are concerned good value. Would I be saying this if we'd gone down and all 5 yes five (if moored nicely) ... 48 hr visitor moorings were occupied? Definitely not. I know we have been lucky but chances of getting a mooring have been reduced the last few months by 50% as two boats have been on there since, at least, our last visit in late November or early December.

The licence is purchased from Cam Conservancy. The moorings belong to Cambridge City Council. I don't know if either organisation carry out any enforcement.

Plenty of rowers out but we take it slowly and have never had any trouble. Nice manners too. Can't say that everywhere.

Cambridge has also claimed a tooth from both me and Alistair. Both extremely happy with our respective dentists. I had best hygiene ever and my male dentist was blessed with my number one requirement from a male dentist.....small hands. Alistair's was an emergency so cost him £18.50.


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