Saturday, 14 March 2015

It is with some reluctance ..........

That we swop the tranquility of Wiken for the 'real' world! And it is to the 'real'world we head as we have an appointment in Ely on Monday.

Well, tranquil except for an attack on Alistair by these Whooper swans who had claimed the footpath as their own!

LJ looking for his boat

Rain was forecast, but we were lucky and it held off. As is our usual practice in Ely, we took the first mooring we saw. This visit we are at the station end. Less pretty but no noisier as you can hear  trains on all the moorings.

I walked LJ along the waterfront. The mooring situation was...... One space outside the Cutter two slightly further along.  The recreation ground moorings all full and the three boats that wintered there have yet to move on. Perhaps they won't until the enforcement problem is resolved.

With them there. BAMBOO onto, at least, it's third year outside the Cutter, two boats alongside that have been there all winter and two the same on these moorings Iand with space behind us, I have no shame in declaring we intend to overstay by one night!