Monday, 30 March 2015

How early?

I think it's sort of known, that the crew on QISMA aren't early risers. Love the pics that others post of dawn and mist rising around boats. We are more a last boat on the mooring sort of crew.

A but, is about to arrive, but, with strong winds over the weekend and the worst of the weathe due on Tuesday, if the forecast is right, we decided to get up and off early today. We've had a fab weekend above Haughton Lock but it is very exposed.

So, this morning, at 0740, I was out with LJ...he was confused to say the least. A boat in the lock with the same intention, though even earlier. I checked their destination. Might as well know if they were heading for the same mooring.....not big enough for two narrowboats. Thankfully they were going a bit further on.

And off we went.

A pause at Huntingdon for water.  The tap here doesn't take our regular fitting but with the help of some tape we have a work round. 5 minutes walk into town for a Sainsbury top up and a not to be missed Barford Pie pie and we are off.

A derelict boatyard between this bridge and the busy A14 road bridge.

Through Godmanchester Lock with the wind picking up. I swear it is the London Bridge Station of locks......attracting any wind that is around. (Memories of my London commuting years making a rare appearance here). Still, through and safely tied up on the refurbished EA mooring. All of this before we are often doing more than lazing in bed drinking coffee and reading waiting for  LJ to be ready for
his walk.

And the dog walking remains very satisfactory!!