Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Officially old

Into Cambridge on the train for my dental appointment. Fair old walk from the station but delighted to discover it is an area I had wanted to explore AND just the far side of Midsummer Common so an easy walk if we get on the VM.

Good news and bad news on the dentists. Excellent surgery. Brand new and I not only,had my,check up I say the hygienist for round 1 of treatment. Round 2 is on Friday....followed by the extraction of a back tooth that is loose!!  The hygienist was. Without a doubt, the best I have ever encountered. Will be going back with almost, a spring in my step.

So, I head for the train back. Half my mouth frozen solid.  With getting same day treatment I was a bit later than planned. Rush hour. The train was packed but I was only on for 6 minutes. I tucked myself in between 3 passengers and their bicycles. Perfik.

Leaving the train at Waterbeach and preparing to swop footwear for the walk over a field to QISMA. A young man stops to tell me he had been trying to catch my eye since I got on the train offer me his seat. Not only that but if I was ever on the train with him again his seat was mine!!! Of course I said thanks but had to laugh and tell him he had made me feel ancient!! His reply was, well you have got grey hair so you obviously have a few years on me. What a lovely chap. His Mum//DadWife/Husband etc etc would be proud of him.

This hair growing out has it's advantages!!!!

And a seat on the train!