Sunday, 24 May 2015

12 points Captain Swatridge Nul points crew

I had hoped to be posting a video clip on Twitter today...or at least some stills of our arrival into Salters Lode. FAILED! For two reasons. The first,is that Alistairmwas round and into the lock in a nano second.mghe second is that the iPad told me I didn't have enough space for a video and wouldn't let me revert to photos!! Grrrr

So......some pics of the non exciting section and if by magic. We are on the Middle Levels.

Moored at Upwell. NB DIBITU moored up later. Heading for the Great Ouse for a sensible,non specified, stay. A boat went up yesterday for two weeks........hmmmm. DIBITU had bad experience on town moorings in March on Friday bottles thrown at them. Awful. We were going to be there next Friday. Change of plan!

The pics...

Ready to depart Denver

Lucky people!

 Blink and you missed it! Safely on the Middle Levels

Where have I seen a pic like this? 

 Onto waters new. Popham's Eau....or 16 Mile Drain...what's in a name?

 On the same theme...moored at Three Holes.