Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bloggers ... we're a bit like buses

Well, not quite like buses, there was a day between them! I was just getting ready to walk LJ when Fiona and John on NB Epiphany came alongside. They arrived from behind us so they spotted us before we spotted them. Also, they had stopped at NB No Problem, so may have had an inkling as to where we were moored! 

 We hadn't met before. Though Fiona and I see each other's footprints regularly on the Twitter and have been known to share a comment or three! It was good to meet them after years of following their blog. We hope they enjoy their time on the Fenland Waterways.

And off they go.


 As expected, more boats out yesterday than we had seen added together in the last month.  I do have one question....with several miles between locks at their disposal did the neat blue day bust have to choose to feed swans right next to us. LJ was very cross!!

I had a couple of great phone chats with the NZ crew, Vicki and Pete of NB Musn Grumble. Blogging as WAKAROA2015 Vic and Pete are here for 6 months. Currently on River Aire heading for the L&L. Give them a shout if you see them. They will be hard to miss!

And another lovely sunset

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