Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Too stressed to be sad

Stressed...the QISMA crew? How can that be? A non boating real world banking disaster had us preoccupied yesterday.  To the extent that we were through Hermitage abound moored on the Old West with our minds very much elsewhere. Not saying that was a good thing because it was most upsetting but it stopped any reflection as we left our favourite section of  these waterways behind. Thankfully all resolved.now. Leaves us not understanding why different people at the same call centre can adopt such polar opposite positions on the helpfulness scale.

Back to boating. I had been a bit reluctant to head for the Pike and Eel mooring. Not because I don't love it there but, because, it would definitely mark the end of our above Hermitage travels for the year.  Remind me again why we are leaving? Oh yes...the River Weaver awaits.

These big dogs do NOT belong on a lock.

 Green light at Hermitage...just got through before the lockie's lunch.

 More big dogs on our favourite mooring but this will do!