Friday, 1 May 2015

In the nick of time

23 months ago, almost to the day, we put on a spurt, we were on a mission to catch some Nene/Fens  aficionados on the Northampton Arm before they moved onto the GU and were lost to us! That was how we came to meet the crews from No Problem and Matilda Rose. Thank goodness for blogs. Both were so generous in passing on top tips and even a secret mooring!!

We knew No Problem was behind us. Our money was on spotting them yesterday. I had to move quick. We have a tree in front of us, so they were almost past with Sue inside and Vic focused on the lock. They were so quiet but my head popped up just in the nick of time.

I was ready to head for the lock...but not the same as a quick turn, coffee, tea, cake and a natter.

So round she goes and ties up nicely alongside.  By which time, the kettle was on.

It was non stop chatter and they went. We might be filling the locks they emptied next week!!

Glad you enjoyed the cake Sue but their cherry and almond slab cake is half the price and I think better! I will stock up in St Ives....just in case. 

I may have said this before, in one or two other places, but LJ loves it here.