Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Let them eat cake .. .....

Tucked onto the GOBA ...tree free...mooring on the edge of St Ives. Ready to sit out the storm. Gusts of over 50 mph went past yesterday.

We happily sat over the weekend at Houghton in bright sunshine. Now the weather has turned it feels so different. Not that we want to move or need to move but not being able to move...that's the difference,

Some boats ARE still venturing past. I wish them well.

There is one additional danger to being in St Ives. Tom's Cakes. In 3 years of visits  I have  managed never to step inside this temple of deliciousness. Until yesterday. Then, fate was on my side...I realised I needed the cashpoint. I escaped.

Having  crossed the could I not return.

One piece of Hummingbird Cake and a bakewell slice...and I only had a fastened each. I am becoming a feeder. So far, Alistair doesn't mind,

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