Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A rare burst of speed!

From us....not QISMA!  Sunday at 1pm. Looking at the forecast and the sky. We have to be in Ellesmere by Friday. Regular readers will guess this can only mean one thing....LJ is having his hair cut!  Oh yes...we decided that Mi day and the aqueduct was never going to happen. We were full of water so...at 1305, with a quick goodbye to Louise Fron NB Darwin...we were on our way.

Pulled in at Fron at 3.20 pm two minutes before the next band of rain. Not another boat moving.  Perfik.

It's certainly easier coming back from Llangollen than getting there!

Reading Tweets from Louise last winter tempted us to move from the Fens! Really nice to have caught up with you!

6 boats in during our stay in the basin.

The views aren't bad.