Thursday, 4 February 2016

Just what I needed.......

A day off!! The weather pretty filthy morning so a day off was declared. After all the road travelling over the last 10 days I needed it!

We are on a lovely mooring. All on our own. Though two time share boats came last on Tuesday late afternoon. I confess I was worried one of them would stop!!

Happy to report rain stopped at ,inch time and all god walking completed in sunshine.

Today we are heading for Llangollen. NB DARWIN went up yesterday and 3 came down so time for us to make the move. Louise's Tweets from Winter 2014-2015 are the reason we are here now... and we thought we would never leave the Fens!!

LJ and I won't be fighting our way through this! Fortunately not on tow path!

 Chirk Basin

Heading here today the turning left