Monday, 15 February 2016

No trouble from our neighbours

Two nights on the Arm at Ellesmere to accommodate LJ getting an excellent hair cut in town. A da treat for me...trip to the launderette! 

Then......round the corner, through the tunnel and the beauty of Blake Mere in perfect winter weather. Got here on Friday and will move on tomorrow.  Our plans fir the next week to be guided after a phonecall to the dentist in Nantwich tomorrow. The crown once again is sitting on Alistair's bedside table. This time it's an extraction. Which, if recent experience is anything to go be, will mean him fainting!!  It better if thus happens with QISMA moored in Nantwich where he only has to be escorted back up Welsh Row before he can collapse on the bed. 

Four nights here. We know some boats out of sight behind us but, it does seem that we have it to ourselves. Well us and the dozen or so pheasants that sleep in the tree across the bank. They make nice quiet neighbours.

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