Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sunshine after the rain that tune!

We made great progress, without getting wet, or taxing ourselves and sat the wind and rain out before the Jack Myton.....which...for Team NZ looked pretty lonely on a cold, wet and windy Monday! 

Yesterday brought the best possible winter cruising weather. Off we went .

Not all plain sailing. The levels so down in one stretch we pulled over. Two unheard of events in two days! Reported it. Had lunch. Decided to push on to Frankton.

Then we hit a snag. Well we hit a submerged tree trunk. Stuck in silt. 30 minutes of shuffling and pulling and getting nowhere. Our Captain decided to try and pass on the off side...despite the low levels. I was on the bank. Without my phone!  No need to leap ahead with your imagination...we made it!! 

One bridge later and moored at Frankton. I spoke to Howard, the supervisor for this area. He came along later and I walked him back to the check out the scene. He was armed with extending chance! He will be in his wet suit and into the cut this morning!! He did ask about the levels and today they are up a good 6" .... Good work CRT!! 

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