Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Catching Up

That's what we have been doing. Some time at Glasbury. Two nights with Alistair's daughter, hubby and gorgeous girls. For nights with his parents...poor Ma in Law has broken her right arm so was glad to be there to help out a bit.

Broke the journey back from Dorset at Glasbury. Back to Chirk Marina. Must say the team there are excellent. Had done some work and a service. Great job. Engine positively purring...quietly?

Then I took car back to Glasbury. One night there...fortunately friends in recovery from party weekend so I was able to tell them to ignore me and go to bed when visitors departed... as I was arriving! Shut myself in the flat with fire, hot bath, Kindle and music, only disappointment was Radio 2 pre recorded all afternoon ...morning coverage following death of Sir Terry Wogan gad been brilliant. I was hoping afternoon was going to be the same.

Like so many Terry's breakfast show had taken me to work year after year. More often than not with tears of laughter running down my face. I vividly recall sitting in my little 2cv on A30 at Bagshot. Laughing,so much that if I'd been moving I think I would have had to stop. I looked round at others in the jam. You could see who was listening to Wogan from their faces. My own faves were the Raising of the Raleigh from Carshalton Duck Pond...and of course..the cones and Janet and John.  I genuinely did have a weep on Sunday morning and again in the car when they played Gretchen Peters singing When I Get Old.

Yesterday...back to Abergavenny for train back to Chirk. Made time for lunch with Janue at splendid station cafe at Aber. Not to be missed!

Boat was already in position on great mooring by tunnel so the boys met me.

Pictorial catch up!

Current mooring

Chirk Aqueduct

This amuses us as houses are way down in the valley

Moving towards Trevor

Which involves .....

Brecon Beacons