Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hiding.....from the weather

We had to reject a mooring this week...shock...horror! No walks for LJ. 10 minutes later we arrived at White Island. We didn't have it entirely to ourselves. There was a visit from the RSPB team whilst we were there.

Alistair, I may have mentioned before, always has one eye on the weather. That is a very good thing in these waters. With the forecast ...well pretty dire...we headed for shelter in Castle Archdale. No hardship. It was home to RAF Flying Boats during WWII. Now a good harbour and small mobile holiday home park. Great walks for LJ. Laundry to get the drying done. 

With a window opening on Saturday we were up, LJ walked and away by 0800. Called in at Kesh to resupply and we were off to the seaside. Who would have thought it? Eventually we will probably stop saying this is even better...but it's not happened yet! 

My morning coffe view this morning

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