Monday, 25 April 2016


The last few days have definitely been a bimble. Into Enniskilken for a shop and back out again. 

I may have discovered the best butcher in Ireland. Time will tell. 

I did have the best customer service in my far...from Tesco. Short version. Collection order all wrong. Goods not due in until Monday. Manager offered to give me mobile number for me to phone on Monday to say where we moored and he would drive them up!  Not necessary but.... unbelievable!  When I said I'd be back he ordered extra supply to make sure they would be in stock!! 

Did I mention we love it here?

Loch Erne was busy on Saturday. Well, as busy as we've seen it. We probably saw over 20 boats. Mostly in the distance...or passing us!  These three jet skiers were having fun. At the end of the day we still had this mooring to ourselves.