Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sailing into the sunset

With the forecast looking particularly grim for the next few days we, reluctantly, decided on an evening cruise into Enniskillen from Inish Davar. It was that or an 0600 start.  We aren't good at early rising but, are firmly

of the view,  that you take the weather you have. Forecasting remains a patch art form!

Just as well, the rain/hail/wind arrived earlier than expected. 0600 was, in one word, filthy. Still is.

I'll be looking for a weather window for LJ's walk .... But think it's going to be a wet one.

Back to Inish Davar. We moored there by accident. We'd intended to moor at Hay Island .. On another evening sailing. We got to Hay to find the pontoon didn't have a walkway to the island. Is our guide out of date or is it temporary? We don't know, but it was turnabout, sail, literally, into the sunset and back to Inish Davar. Lucky, lucky us. We might have missed it this trip.

Unbelievable that we had it all to ourselves.

 Mind you, our previous mooring wasn't too shabby either!  Although dry, we had really strong winds on the wide section of the Loch. We were so sheltered at Tukky Castle. QISMA didn't even move on the mooring.

The pic below is taken just round the corner!

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