Saturday, 16 April 2016

More of the same!

Days continue to slip by. I can report that, since the last blog, we have shared a mooring. (Not counting Enniskillen). Actually, twice, both nights whilst we were in Beleek. Very swish Hire boats from Aghinver.

Beleek was great for resupply. Everything we wanted on the small High Street a short stroll from the mooring. We were waved off this morning by a local boater whose home overlooked the jetties. A special mention goes to the local coal merchants who delivered to us less than 60 minutes after we placed our order.

Our week also saw us at Castle Caldwell. Amazing walks and hardly anyone there.

Now, well in the middle of nowhere for the weekend. Sunday chicken in the fridge, Internet and TV. Sheltered from the forecasted winds. Over and out. these pics get boring?