Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Out of Rosscor with the wind behind us. Waves when we got to the loch but nothing to worry about. Moored at Lustymoor Island with the wind easing all the time. I did ask why we didn't leave an hour later but ........

We had intended to stay two nights at Lindy but woke to such perfect conditions that we couldn't resist sailing.

No question that the pictures tell the story.

Saw our first yachtie...though he was on his engine. We had been wondering where they were hiding! A fisherman told me that boats are like flies in the summer months...everywhere buzzing about. We are sort of hoping that  Irish summers are quite short!

Moored at Tom's Island. Which isn't an island. I'll research Tom later but his island, which is part of Castle Archdale Forest moves into our  favourite mooring spot.

I would have called this blog Bimbling but I think with bimbling you are travelling somewhere but mooching is more a meandering about with no purpose. That's exactly what we're at. Bimbling from tomorrow!

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