Thursday, 14 July 2016

A bit like Sir Bruce Forsyth

i forecast that this trip is hoping to be full pretty .... Rather than it's my favourite. Pretty certainly applies to County Leitrim.

We made our way from Ballinamore to Keshcarrigan. Lucky to avoid the showers that came later. The workboat was in the first lock and worked us through after a short pause to let some paint dry!! E were in no hurry.

Only saw 2 boats on the move before we moored. Keshcarrigan was small, the grocery shop now closed but an interesting peace garden dedicated to a priest, FR Mychal Judge, with family connections who was recorded as  the first official casualty in 9/11 attacks.

Today we are moving to Leitrim. 11 locks... picked up a great crew of 5 in a cruiser at first lock. Happy days! Well...all except woman who insisted on  turning second lock and was so nasty she reduced teenage girl who had set it for us to tears. Mortified that she was English.

I had trouble loading pics yesterday so this blog is From yesterday. As if anyone will notice!!

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