Thursday, 21 July 2016

Missing if not in action

How can I not have blogged all week? Goodness. My head is hanging in shame.

Fortunately, we are retracing our steps so I'm starting with where we must left and will catch I
Maithili where we were before when we get back there. Easy!!

We must had a couple of nights at Boyle Harbour. What a lovely spot. A bit out of town but much used by dog walkers and keep fitters. It could have been hard for us to get a mooring that allowed for LJ to get on and off. Fortunately, a hire boat moved off at must the right moment and...with our River Nene training...we were sorted.

A delivery from Lomdis after telephone order on day 1 and a walk into the very pretty town on
Day 2. Even for here met some lovely people.