Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Too close for comfort!

Finally....the personal admin was finished on Saturday morning .. in teeming rain. It stopped as we got back to QISMA and off we went...heading south and the border.

The first stretch, to Lock 1 wasn't new for the boat. She was launched at the marina there on arrival in March.

We had an  escort of kingfishers for most of the way. Have never seen so many on one stretch of River  Too quick for the camera though!

 Safely through our first Irish Lock. All electric. Very civilised. Then came the excitement.

Cruising slowly along the winding Woodford River. I decided that as we had sunshine I would polish THE headlamp. Shock horror!! At a blind bend the Inver Quenn cam towards us. At,some,speed. I leapt up and put my hand up. He screamed into reverse and went right across in front,of us. Then he shot forward and. Issued us by inches. Continued on at a somewhat slower pace. The speed of action meant no pics ..but she is big enough close up!!

Too much excitement for me! 

With the weather holding, we decided to push on to Haughton's Shores. I can tell you, it is not a mooring to arrive,late to, certainly not at a weekend. 


So this is where everyone is!!

We were lucky. A cruiser pulled back and we got the bow firmly secured on,the,jetty and the mooring pins came out.

    Not long before we had company.