Friday, 29 July 2016

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold.....but for breakfast?

Into Carrick on Sunday. I was heading to Yorkshire on Monday to see my Dad who was 94 this week. The moorings could not be nearer the airport bus so very convenient. What a schlep though! 2hrs 45 min to the airport through several small towns we will be visiting by boat very soon. The flight to Manchester took 30 min.

Back on Wednesday evening. Same journey. Different driver. Non,of the stop starting, hitting brakes we had on the way there. It was painless. 

I returned to find NB AMPERE moored on the jetty though I still haven't had chance to chat to them. They arrived from UK just a few weeks after we came over. They started their travels in Dublin and we went for Fermanagh. You can see her long elegant tug front below. Sadly they don't blog.


Thursday morning was a quick top up of provisions and away. Not quite sure where we were going to stop. Jamestown was full but, with a bit of shuffling by a not at all keen hire boater and a very helpful Irish cruiser we were sunggly alongside at Drumsna. Lovely village. Thankfully the rain held off after we moored so were able to manage a couple of walks. The trusty Nene gangplank came into play for LJ. 

As we were getting ready to leave this morning. The hire boat crew came out and untied us.....far too early!! Was he being helpful....or was it revenge?

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